Business Travel

Do you travel for business purposes, are you organising a group trip or do you need specific advice for organising a complex trip? Then Otravo Premium will give you the support you need.

By using our purchase strength, our own IT solutions and our experience in organizing complex travel plans, together with you our specialists will find the best fitting travel solution. Furthermore, Premium customers will receive support with developing and applying the travel policy, will receive periodic administrative reports and in case of emergency have the possibility of contacting our 24/7 Premium service desk.


You are in good company


Otravo’s Premium customers are distinguished from our private customers by the extra personal support they receive from our most experienced specialists but also by the periodic reports and fitting payment procedures. Companies like HGG book their business travels goal-determined and cost-consciously through our online platform with mobile solutions, but also like to be able to rely on our professional service and advice for complex routes and in case of emergencies.

Also sports teams like Giant Alpecin’s cycling team, an organization where flexibility and logistics are a daily challenge, rely on the expert knowledge of our team.


Customer reviews


“We have been using Otravo’s services for many years, and we are very satisfied. Almost on a daily basis we hand in several requests for flights to destinations all over the world. It takes a lot of time to find the right flights yourself, especially to uncommon destinations or for complicated routes. It is very nice to know that experienced travel agents can sort this out for us. This way we are sure we will get the best flight. also helps us with rental cars, changes and cancellations of bookings. It is very important for us to not have to spend a lot of time on the whole procedure.  We submit the request, get a quick response and the whole procedure is always handled properly. We are also very happy about the collaboration with’s friendly employees.  They really think along with the customers and in most companies that’s very hard to find these days. Because of the neat service, reliability and experience we will be using Otravo’s services for a long time!”
Tessa Kuiper – HGG Profiling Equipment BV


“Our partnership with Otravo is very important to our team and we have a lot in common with this company. Based on their own vision they have grown and have found their own place in the travel branch. I respect this company very much and I see they have developed themselves in a way similar to ours. They are very much involved in our logistics and make a significant contribution to our operation, which, regarding its complexity should not be underestimated. During the season we sometimes take part in competitions at four different places in the world at once, and then a reliable partner that thinks along with us is invaluable. They don’t just offer standard routines but think along with us to meet our specific needs. The personal bond we have grown is also wonderful and it feels very familiar. Our relationship goes beyond just a partnership.”
Iwan Spekenbrink – CEO Team Giant-Alpecin


If you would like to know more about Otravo Premium and/or you would like to meet us in person, please contact:

Name: Danny van der Harst.
Phone number: 023-7511445.